Rock Your Vision 2.0

Rock Your Vision 2.0

I'm so excited that you're taking the necessary steps to create the vision you want for your business and life and to see them come true. It's not always easy to create our goals without feeling overwhelmed about all the things that you need to get done. Don't worry we all feel that way at some point. The important part is you're still in the race to WIN!

Are You Going After the Right Things?

WOW, that question right there should be making you think about what you value most and if your goals are aligned with your mission.

Are you feeling frustrated because you are working around the clock and still not getting everything done?

The one question I get a lot from my clients is how to create balance in their life. 

There are three areas in your workday that can cause some real challenges in your business and personal life: 

  • Unclear goals. 
  • Overloaded schedule.
  • Insufficient processes.

If this is you, you are in the right place to get back on track. 

Collective Impact

RaShaunda Williams

President, Collective Imact

Angelica is organized, efficient and great to work with. She has a natural ability of recognize details and develop her client’s vision beyond expectations. I am very protective of my clients and organization, it’s my baby. I trust her to get the job done WELL. I look forward to continued success working with it Angelica G Miller.

Veontae R. Mann

HarmonyGrace Doula Services

Angelica is truly an awesome lady of excellence. She viewed my new business on Facebook and created flyers for me to begin to advertise. The flyers spoke to my vision as a Labor and Postpartum Doula. The flyers communicated warmth and the beauty of becoming a new mom which is exactly what I want my clients to feel when connecting with me. I appreciate her professionalism greatly and look forward to working with her again.

TiAnna Anderson

Owner, Anderson Innovative Marketing

Angelica is a true professional and goes above and beyond in all that she does. I had the pleasure of working with her on a summit for diverse women leaders. She served as the Event Planner, and her leadership in this area was instrumental in pulling off a seamless event. She coordinated with several vendors and ensured that they delivered as contracted. She also kept the two day event moving as scheduled.

Example Curriculum

  Welcome To Rock Your Vision 2.0
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  Working Through Your Roadblocks
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  Navigating Your Time
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  Goal Planning
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Why I Created My Course For You!

There are three areas in your work day that can cause some real challenges in your business; unclear goals, an overloaded schedule and insufficient processes.

When you have unclear goals, you’re not able to convey clear directions to your team. You’re not able to focus on the things that will bring profit to your business. You’re not sure if the products or services you offer are the right ones for your market. You’re not creating the right content or marketing materials and the list could go on.

Having unclear goals will cause chaos in your schedule. You will schedule insufficient or unnecessary meetings. You’re not blocking time on your schedule for the right things you need to do throughout the year.

This program is also about you knocking down roadblocks and creating a blueprint that you can execute. What it's not is a place to just sit back and hope things change. You have to put in the work and be willing to release and tweak some of those old goals that are no longer serving you and create some new ones that will get you to the next level. 

Angelica G Miller